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Acid Systems

Well productivity can be limited by the effects of formation damage and low permeability of the reservoir rock. Carbonate minerals and some iron compounds dissolve readily in acid, and acidizing has been a successful method of stimulating production in carbonate reservoirs for years.

Hydrochloric acid is the most commonly used compound in stimulation of carbonate reservoirs.

Secondary damage from hydrochloric acidization may occur if proper chemical additives are not applied

  • Down-hole emulsions
  • Hydrocarbon sludging
  • Iron bases sludges
  • Improper wetting of formation
  • Corrosion of down-hole equipment
  • Plugging of formation with acid insoluble fines

Job design is a key element in a succesfull operation

Initial testing should be completed to determine required system additives for each individual reservoir

  • Acid non-emulsifiers
  • Anti-sludge compounds
  • Iron control additives
  • Surfactants
  • Scale Inhibitors
  • Acid corrosion Inhibitors

IMPACT! will analyze the fluids from your well and develop an effective acid system that will aid in removing formation damage and will ensure optimum production and/or injection.

IMPACT! furnishes a complete line of economical and highly effective acid additives. Complete acid systems that provide a total acidizing package are also available.

Acid Non-Emulsifier Systems

  • ANE-1
  • ANE-2
  • ANE-3
  • ANE-4
  • ANE-14
  • ANE-14W

Anti Sludge additives

  • IAS-1200
  • IAS-1201
  • IAS-1202
  • IAS-1203

Complete acids

  • CAS-1
  • CAS-2
  • CAS-3
  • CAS-4
  • CAS-5
  • CAS-6

Acid Inhibitors

  • IMPACT! A-1
  • AI-600