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Corrosion Inhibitors

Most oil and gas production is accompanied by some volume of water and these waters often contain acid gasses such as hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide. These acid gasses increase the corrosivity of the water and shorten the operating life of oilfield equipment such as rods, tubulars, pumps, flow-lines, and transportation pipelines.

Corrosion Inhibitors are designed to mitigate these corrosive effects by the following mechanisms

  • Applying a thin protective film on surface of equipment
  • Applying a thick corrosion product that acts as a barrier to corrosive agents
  • Forming a passive film on metal surface to prevent corrosive reactions
  • Changing the chemical characteristics of the environment either by producing protective precipitates or by eliminating or inactivating an aggressive component

Our team of technical experts will analyze the composition and temperature of your produced fluids and the ratio of produced hydrocarbons to water to determine the most effective product and application to control and prevent corrosion in your down-hole, surface, and transmission equipment.

IMPACT! furnishes a complete line of the most technologically innovative water and hydrocarbon based corrosion inhibitor chemistries in the petroleum industry.

Water Based Inhibitors:

  • ICW-100
  • ICW-109
  • ICW-110
  • ICW-111
  • ICW-122
  • ICW-124
  • ICW-127
  • ICW-128
  • ICW-130
  • ICW-132
  • ICW-133
  • ICW-133
  • ICW-134
  • ICW-135
  • ICW-136

Hydrocarbon Based Inhibitors

  • ICO-140
  • ICO-141
  • ICO-142
  • ICO-143
  • ICO-148