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Specialty Products

We can provide you with a vast array of specialty chemical compounds that will keep your system operating at its most efficient level. These range from but are not limited to formation cleaners, iron dispersants and removers, lubricants, friction reducers, gels, rig washers and cleaners, salt dispersants, and flow preventers.

Some of our most unique specialty products are described below:

  • IFC-A and IFC-H are low pH systems that combines surfactants, acids, and solvents to remove formation damage and to restore production to optimum levels
  • IronX – a combination of organic acids and surfactants that was specifically designed as a cleaning system to remove iron sulfides.
  • IronSperse – a biodegradable product with a neutral pH that will penetrate hydrocarbon coatings and disperse iron sulfide into extremely small particles, which allows the material to be more easily removed from the system.
  • IC-405 – an environmentally friendly chelant/dissolver that will remove precipitated iron from water and prevent potential plugging in injection systems.
  • SuperClean – a highly active biodegradable, citrus based cleaner that has a positive environmental profile and a pleasant orange aroma.

Your IMPACT! representative can determine the type of chemical compound that will be most effective for your specific application.